News – Depop Store

For the past 10 weeks or so you may have realised that posts on this website have been slow or dead recently. I apologise for this for these past weeks and months I’ve been finishing up my last year of my Foundation course and finishing my last piece which now that it’s all finished it allows me to come back and carry on working on this website and get back to making artwork again. Recently as well my Instagram account has been deactivated for violating guidelines because of my artwork which as you may guess has been annoying as a small time artist.

With this happing and with the free time I now have I’m pleased to say that I have now got a Depop account, if you do not know what Depop is it’s a online store where people sell things from vintage clothing, items, objects and artwork which is delivered to you by mail. With this account I will start selling artwork, prints, clothing and tote bags with my own designs and artwork on them which I hope you buy for yourself or for family and friends; I hope you stick around and join my journey and visit my account which you can click below, I also apologise again for slow or dead posts but that will end here. Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you for your patience.

icon depop


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