A Pig called David

david pig

“A Pig called David”

“A Pig called David talks about the scandal that surrounded former British Prime Minister David Cameron in his years in university and during his time as Prime Minister which has been called and is now known as Piggate. While the subject of Cameron putting a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth has been widely talked about in the media and online, the artist was interested in making David Cameron into a pig to talk about political corruption and political favours that happens in British politics. The drawing of David Cameron as a pig raises the relationship that Cameron had with Michael Ashcroft which he started because he was not given a political seat in the cabinet which Cameron promised him he would give him during his election at 2010. This fact is showed through the drawing that you see above which the body of the pig symbolises the name of the scandal but also the pig incident while the face of David Camron shows one worries and concerned which symbolises the political favours that Camron did for his closest friends in government, media and the 1%.”

Black ink pointillism drawing on A4 paper

8.27″ x 11.69″



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