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Jake Pascoe also known as “Cynic” is a self taught, British illustrative artist who specialises in pointillism, screen printing and mixed media art forms. He is interested in a range of themes that cover current political, social and also historical themes in a surrealist style, while still exploring these themes in an fun and fantasy style.

My catalogue of work is available to view at my social media below and gallery on this website.

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Where did you grow up? 

I was born in Essex, where I have lived on the outskirts of Southend-On-Sea throughout my teenage life. I developed my artistic skills from a really young age which lead to me wanting to explore my passion within life and society.

Do you go to college or university to study art?

Yes I do. I passed an Art and Design Level 3 Course and Foundation Course at the same college in September 2016 – 2017, I am currently doing Illustration Course at Norwich University of the Art (NUA).

What type of art do you create? And what themes do you cover in your artwork?

I create a range of artwork in many styles and media in my personal time and at college but I mainly create and specialise in pointillism artwork which you can see on this website. I’m interested in covering many topics in my art; it can range from political, social, historical and spiritual themes whilst also incorporating a surreal fun style. This encourages the viewer to engage in my art whilst also thinking about the messages expressed within  and what it is saying to the viewer.

How long have you been doing pointillism for? And what do you draw with the style?

I’ve been doing pointillism  for about 6 years and have experience in other forms or illustrations like digital, pastel and other forms of media. Which has allowed me to draw many themes which can cover just about anything when covering anything political, social, historical or spiritual.

How can I buy your art?

Within my gallery, as well as commissions, you are able to purchase my art which is available as originals with authenticity certification or as limited edition prints. Just email me for prices, delivery and other details.

How can I ask for a Commission?

It’s simple, you can send me an email to my email address where we can talk about what you want in your commission in full detail. I have taken commissions for range of customers and businesses and so I’m experienced in a range of commissions.

How much are Commissions?

For an A4 size, depending on design commissions start at around £25 an hour if you wish to have more larger designs or designs for small or large business we can discuss price, designs and contacts through email and calls.


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